LIFE < Jan, 31st.

Hello, it's me. Can you believe January of 2016 is almost over? Scary, I know. I hope you had a good start of the year. If not, don't worry. You can always re-start. Again & again. As many times as you want. I am here to reflect back on the first month of the year and check on my goals. But first, photos. 

So let's see, goals:

1. Career- this is the most important to me at the moment. I think your twenties are the years of hard work, exploration, risks and progression. Every single day I am getting closer to achieving my goal & it just makes me feel so complete. As you may have noticed, I have chosen not to speak about what I do on this blog. It is just so important to me that I don't want it to be jeopardised by negative people who come over to this blog just to check up on me, find flaws & judge. Ok, I am Greek. I believe in the evil eye. Now, that is a major superstition reaching a great level of stupidity some times. So don't take me wrong, what I am saying is that I believe in negative energy. And I refuse to provoke or induce any. 

2. Fitness- getting stronger & stronger. I've managed to stick to the gym and my healthy habits. I am actually going to the gym right after this post is published. Seeing your body changing is a beautiful thing and it's something you can only do for yourself. So when the results come, you have in front of you an example of how strong & disciplined you can be. For now, I am all over my baby abs that appeared last week. Can't wait to see them grow! 

3. Travel- If you know me, you know that I love travelling. Reading my book in a corner of a little coffeeshop abroad surrounded by people I have never met and probably will never be around again in my life is liberating. That is why I have already planned and booked two trips. One for this month and one in March. And I am currently looking into more places to visit in the upcoming months. Excitement levels high!

4. Saving- I think this is something no one really talks about in their twenties. No one really educates us on how important it is to start money saving from an early age. Being financial independent and secure is not an easy thing to achieve. Especially in your twenties. But for me it is always an ongoing goal. Ever single month, every single payday, money have to be sent over to my savings account. 

5. Love- If you are reading this, it means you have probably already read goal 1. So please refer to this one. Did you think I would openly talk about my love life here for everyone to see? Not today Satan, not today. 

That is all! I hope you are enjoying 2016 and remember- it is never too late to be the person you always wanted to be. x

LIFE < Feeling Thankful.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching & me back to freezing London, away from home, I cannot help myself but think how thankful I am for my family & home. 

I felt so blessed returning home after a year and spending precious time with my family. We often forget to say thank you. We forget to appreciate the little things. And life is all about the little things. So here I am today sharing with you the three home things I am thankful for in an effort to show my appreciation for the things, I have in my life, but always take for granted.

1. Afternoon coffee in the garden: One of my favourite things to do when I am home. A good book and sunshine is all I really need. Perfect time to think and reflect on all the beautiful moments I had with family and friends here. Thankful. 

2. Home cooked food by mum: Amazing food cooked by my favourite person in the world. The kitchen is a very important (to be honest, the most important) room in a Greek house and we happen to have a beautiful one. But in the end, the star is always my mum's delicious cooking. Thankful. 

3. Family time next to the fireplace: After dinner, we usually sit at the living room in front of the fire and we talk for hours. Usually laughing till we cry. Sharing memories, lessons and experiences. We always end up roasting chestnuts on the open fire. My favourite treat. Thankful. 

To be honest, I can keep talking on & on about all the things I am thankful for. I hope this post makes you appreciate the important things in your life that you may forget to give credit to. Next time you are feeling thankful, don't forget to say thank you. Make a small gesture. Hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them.

Be thankful. x

Note: This post is sponsored by the lovely people at Ocean Finance as part of their Thanksgiving campaign. They spend all year helping people create better homes, however this Thanksgiving they wanted us to spend some time appreciating what we already have. You can check their website or find them on Facebook & Twitter

LIFE < Reunited.

Hello, I am writing to you from home. Sun is shining, birds are singing, smells of homemade food are lingering- I am back in Greece. I can't really believe that it has been a year since I last visited. It feels so good to be back. Today I met with my friends & they took me to a lovely, little coffee shop.

Seeing someone after a whole year and feeling like you were together yesterday is trully beautiful. True friendship. Rare and precious. This is what I miss the most. Being reunited with my first ever friends. I had my favourite freddo cappucino (can only be found in Greece). Cold, frothy & milky. Just have a look below. 

We could have coffee, chatting the whole day. But two coffees later, we set a date for later & headed home. So, I got to leave you. I need at least an hour of siesta. Charge my batteries & get ready for the tonight's shenanigans. I hope you are having a great day wherever you are. Talk to you soon. x

LIFE < Body love + goals.

I am back from the gym & I am feeling myself. I signed up to an intense training program and I couldn't be more excited. I will be in the gym 4 times a week and I will be eating as clean as possible. I want to welcome 2016 in the best shape of my life. This post is a way for me to stay accountable. I want to be able to report back with amazing results. 

To put you in context, I am not a stranger to diets and exercise. I have tried everything that is available out there and I have managed to lose lots of weight. My most successful attempt was just by eating clean and exercising. Trust me this is the only thing that works. Everything in moderation (including moderation) is what will make you achieve your goals. But the most important thing has nothing to do with what you eat or how many calories you burn at the gym. It is all about loving yourself. And you may think, can I actually love my body when I want to change it? And the answer is yes. You will start taking care of your body only when you decide to love it & accept it. So start now. Not dieting nor exercising. Start loving every inch of you. Cause girls, size doesn't fucking matter. It's all about that damn confidence. x

LIFE < Early Mornings.

Good morning. It is 10 minutes to 9am which means I am already at work and I have ten minutes to write and publish this post. It sounds too much but I just wanted to share my morning with you. I have been sleeping so much this week that today my eyes opened at 7am without any intention of going back to sleep. I know it may not sound early for most Londoners but I am lucky enough to be able to wake up at 8.30am and be at my desk in the City at 9 o' clock.

Today I took my time to get ready and decided to leave early for work. I put on my head phones and with my favourite music playing I headed to work. My walk felt liberating. People were not rushing as usual. People were not shouting. Everyone was taking their time. I ended up with a flat white, sat on a bench & set my goals for the day. To be honest, a smile and a cheesy pick up line from the guy who made my coffee was all I needed. That is all from me. Time to make some money. Have a beautiful day. x

LIFE < Home Brunching.

Good afternoon. Writing this from my bed. One hand on the keyboard, the other holding my big cup of coffee. There is nothing I love more on the weekends than home brunching. Waking up late and making my way to the kitchen to prepare brunch for myself, or me & the boy, or every single one of my friends, I just love it.

From eggs, bacon & buttered toast to smoothies and freshly baked croissants. To me, it is just so nice taking your time to prepare something delicious and then enjoying it with people you love without having to rush to work. Extra points if you are having it in bed. I have to admit that this is my favourite. Add a lovely Spotify playlist in the background and I got everything I need. Today though, I am just working on my blog which seems to grow bigger and bigger lately. It is so lovely seeing others enjoying your posts. If you are one of them, feel free to tweet me or email me your thoughts! Have a beautiful weekend. x

THOUGHTS < Do you love yourself?

Easy question, right? Or maybe not.

I have come to realise that your self-esteem and confidence rule your whole life. In other words, you are who you think you are. So if you think & feel like shit, then you probably gonna be shit. Harsh right? Yeah, but you are the one who believes you are shit. I am sure if I had the chance to meet you I would find you lovely! See what I did there? 

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” ― Dita Von Teese

You create barriers for yourself, trying to meet standards set by people you haven't even met. You are trying to be something that others will like. Why? Do you think that if you look like a barbie doll, work at a Fortune 500 company or have 1000 Instagram followers, you will be wildly loved and accepted? Not, really. Because everyone has its own perception of beauty. Their own values & beliefs. You can't please everyone & you shouldn't. You should only please yourself.

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her own skin.”  Sandra Cisneros

It may be your few extra pounds, your double chin, your big bum or your stretch marks. It may be that no one seems to be interested in you even with your tightest skirt on. It may be the fact that you are still a virgin. It may be that your friend is more popular than you. It may be your minimum wage. Whatever it may be, you need to build your confidence up. Accept and invest in you. Work towards the best version of yourself. In the end, you only have two choices. You can either love yourself or choose an unsettling, unhappy life. 

"I am the hero of the story, I don't need to be saved." ― Regina Spektor

You are patiently waiting to be saved. You want someone to tell you that you are beautiful and worthy. You want someone to believe in you. A potential employer, a friend, a partner. You want to be valued. Yes, there are many people out there who can do that for you. Genuinely and unconditionally. But as much as someone affirms you that you are worthy, you will never feel like it if you don't believe it yourself. You need to be your own hero. Stop waiting. Start loving every inch of you, every thought of yours, every decision you make. Love yourself & prepare for the life you always dreamt of. x